Zombie Tactics

Zombie Tactics

In Zombie Tactics, countless zombies from the cursed graveyard have just broken out and flocked into the poor village. They slaughter all the innocent villagers and devastate all the buildings for sure if you are not quick to take action timely. Go now!

The best way to eradicate these gruesome zombies is to think about the strategic tactics for the upcoming combat first. Look at the battlefield and what do you see? Are there a lot of village’s protectors and slots? Feel free to deploy such the protectors in the right slots so that the zombies will be instantly attacked to death right after they arrive. It is equally necessary to help them give out the best commands and deployment so as to beat up the enemies. Further, XP points are also compiled after the enemies’ failure. The fund should be spent on upgrades.

So, are you ready to mob up all the zombies from the village? If so, let us see your talent by getting access to Zombie Tactics!

How to play

Use the left mouse to enjoy the game.


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