World Of Bees

World Of BeesHave you ever imagined a world with full of bees? If not, take a chance and jump into World Of Bees to witness that strange thing. In this idle clicker game, the players’ mission is extremely simple; that’s to buy bees to take over the world. At first, let’s pay attention to the population. Big surprise, right? About people are living on Earth! Then, take a look to the left side; there’s a list with various kinds of bees. Let’s purchase some bees and release them to sting people. The more citizens were killed; the more money you get. Use that money to get more expensive bees for faster earnings. The one and only goal of this game is to destroy all the people in the world. It’s not an easy thing as players need to be patient to finish World Of Bees well. Don’t hesitate to try this unique game once! Much fun!

How to play

The chief key to play this game is the mouse.


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