Be quick to play Woodclicker now, guys! This game is a funny idle style with plenty of management elements. Don’t hesitate anymore! Access to the main screen to have your own experience!

Unlike other idle-click game, in here, the players need to chop and collect wood as much as possible. How to carry out the task? Well, with the chief duty, all you have to do, using the mouse to chop the tree continuously in order to gain coins. Besides, you are also required to mine the veins to earn ores and recruit units to prevent your place from the enemies’ attack. What else? Keep working harder as there’re still many bonus points to add to the account for accomplishing work efficiently i.e. purchasing snails for getting coins, establishing sawmills, and hiring a chain sawyer.

Are you ready to carry out such these amazing and exciting tasks? By accessing to Woodclicker, you can figure out the secrets here.

How to play

Use the mouse to do the chief tasks.
Hit WASD keys for walking.

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