Ultimatrix Unleashed

Ultimatrix Unleashed

Refresh your leisured time by enjoying Ultimatrix Unleashed, dear all game lovers! The game is about Ben10, who’s now assigned to a vital task. Get ready to lend him a hand? Here we go!

As usual, Ben10 is considered a special person, since he’s capable of morphing from a high school boy into a very eerie creature. Throughout the game, players must help him ruin a secretive organization. Let us give you a step-by-step instruction! Firstly, bring Ben10 to the rivals’ base, and then transform him into a specific monster that may knock out all foes ahead. Please avoid their counter-attacks; otherwise, his blood will decrease remarkably. Gather power-ups so that he’ll be kept as the monster look as long as possible. Taking advantage of the extraordinary move to destroy a large number of enemies is also encouraged.

Wish you all to succeed in Ultimatrix Unleashed!

How to play

Arrow keys: Walk around.
Z and X keys: Attack & Jump.
C keys: Transform.
Spacebar key: Boost the special attack.

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