Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic invites all the players to explore a new expedition made by the Smash Brothers! Feel engaged and stimulated? Undertake the most important task in the game right away!

Tails, Knuckle, Sonic, and Cream belong to the Smash Brothers. And, today you have a chance to pick one of them for commencement! The chief request is to guide your chosen character so that he’s ideally able to overcome a long tough path on an island and reach the destination in the soonest time. The prescribed buttons on the keyboard are clicked to guide him how to move, jump, fly, collect golden rings, and eventually roll to assault. Pay high attention to the screen to create any spectacular performance. In addition, don’t forget to avoid encountering other creatures in other that the character’s health is well protected. Run 3 unblocked is great game for next play.

Dare to win Ultimate Flash Sonic with only 3 lives in every stage? How excellent! Hope that you gain a success!

How to play

Move around with the left & right arrow keys.
Roll to attack with both the Spacebar and down arrow key.
Jump with the spacebar key.


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