Twin Cat Warrior 2

Twin Cat Warrior 2Two little cats decided to penetrate into a secret base to find the main reason why all the animals were frozen. Was there anything dangerous and risky? Try landing on Twin Cat Warrior 2, travel with the cats, and search for the answer, guys! At first, players should bear in mind a very important thing; that is, they need to control both of the cats at the same time. Sound challenging, right? Control both of them to move through each stage well, jump over dangers, support each other, and grab some coins on the road. If one of the cats gets in trouble, the game will come to an end instantly. Therefore, don’t be hurried in instructing them to avoid creating any miserable situation. With 40 stages in total, do you think that it’s a long distance to complete? Try to demonstrate your potential capacity and overtake all well!

How to play

Player 1: WASD.
Player 2: arrow keys.


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