Run with a little boy and aid him to escape from a man’s chase in Tombik ! Feel hesitant to demonstrate your running skill? Don’t think so, guys! Tap Start button on the screen and begin to act now!

Truly, it’s not hard to take control of this boy. Just tap on prescribed buttons and then observe barriers in front of him in order to dodge over left or right, slide or jump over obstacles or animals on the road effectively and easily. The most significant thing is that the players need to be serious, careful, and clever to avoid colliding with anything. Otherwise, the game will come to an end instantly. Furthermore, don’t miss grabbing as many golden stars as possible so that the boy can purchase interesting things in the Shop.

Time to pull your socks up to complete the Achievement and attain the best positions in Top! Play Tombik and have more funs!

How to play

Use arrow keys to guide the little boy to run.


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