The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing SpidermanLet’s delight in some cool and terrific moments with The Amazing Spiderman, all addictive gamers! It’s assured that you know this character as well as loving him a lot, isn’t it? Tap Start key on the main screen and experience awesome things! Spiderman is requested to take important Transformer T-shirts back (all are hanged on high buildings in his city). Therefore, players should come here as soon as possible to give him a helpful hand. Instruct him to take advantage his special ability – release a firm net to swing from this building to another one. Remember to do carefully, quickly, and cleverly to avoid making the Spiderman fall into the ground. Additionally, assist him to collect more Underoos T-shirt and Boxers on the buildings to ensure his safety at the best rate. Attempt to complete well and add one more valuable life to arrive at the final truthful success!

How to play

Use the mouse only.


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