Tequila Zombie

Tequila ZombieIf you want to enjoy something fierce and thrilling, don’t miss a special chance to play Tequila Zombie. It’s a dangerous fight between John and a troop of zombies. He needs to protect his beloved town and annihilate all of the zombies. Could he succeed at this time? Come and see now! Let’s use a sharp knife (the 1st weapon) to cut the zombies. If seeing them, be alert and quick to attack before they can take revenge John. Keep in mind to do everything cautiously to avoid letting any miserable case happen. Additionally, don’t skip snatching some falling boxes in order to supplement essential items like new weapons, health boxes, money, tequila, etc. These items are useful so that John can use for the next stage as well as purchasing a couple of necessary things in the Shop. With a huge support, reckon that you and John can gain a win? Time to take action and good luck!

How to play

The left and right arrow keys are to guide John.
Up arrow key or spacebar is to attack and shoot.


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