SuperfightersIf you love playing action games, Superfighters will be the best and most interesting choice at this time. Have you ever heard of this game before? No matter what you answer is, be prompt to tap on Start key and relish now. At this time, players will take control of a given character and guide him to assail other opponents to become the best fighter in the underground world. Let’s jump into a large and dark platform in order to meet the first opponent. Take available weapons and show special abilities to attack the opponent. Fly, jump, kick, punch, shoot, and do everything to knock the opponent out as soon as possible. Remember to avoid TNT boxes or the opponent’s counter attack to preserve the character’s life. Don’t let any bad case happen too much and try to complete each stage well! How many opponents can you defeat in this game? Time to demonstrate your true capacity and hope you succeed!

How to play

Move – arrow keys.
Take the weapons – M.
Kick – N + N.
Assail – “, “ and “.”.


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