Stick War

Stick War

It’s time to show off your leading skill in Stick War ! Think that you could train a large troop of stick men and guide them to gain a big victory in a long war? Let’s do and search for the final answer!

Before joining in any war, the first important thing is that players should prepare for themselves a big source of coins. Let’s produce some miners and instruct them to explore some available gold mines. After having a certain number, be quick to train talented warriors such as spears, mages, arches, and so on. Just click on them and they will be sent to the war for attacking enemies automatically. That’s why the players should have a huge large of coins. Got it? In addition, don’t forget to observe the happenings to make wise decisions so that they can come to the final win.

Believe in yourself totally, all folks? Land on Stick War and start fighting now!

How to play

The mouse is the only key to interact with this game.


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