Spiderman Iron Spider

Spiderman Iron SpiderSpiderman – one of the greatest heroes – is going to take up a very significant mission. Iron’s armor was stolen by a secret force. The armor has a special and huge power to explode the Earth. Be quick to land on Spiderman Iron Spider and give him a helpful hand to take the armor back, guys! Right now, players need to guide Spiderman to move forwards by using his special abilities i.e. crawl on walls, release net to jump, etc. At the same time, beware of some dangerous enemies and attack them as soon as possible before they can counter-attack. Keep in mind not to let any enemy touch Spiderman too much; otherwise, his health will go down remarkably. Be exceedingly cautious and skilful to overtake all safely and don’t miss viewing some necessary instructions from the main headquarters. Time to illustrate your enthusiastic assistance and hope you succeed!

How to play

The arrow keys are to walk around.
X is to shoot.
C is to release the net.

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