Sonic Smash Brothers

Sonic Smash BrothersThe Smash Brothers family is quite famous with 3 terrific heroes, consisting of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Right now, they need to carry out a very important and pressing mission. Want to travel with them? Land on Sonic Smash Brothers right away! First of all, players should select one among the 3 heroes. After that, set foot in the main screen to start a new adventure. Now, let’s instruct the chosen hero to move forwards by flying or jumping. However, the players should beware of some dangerous and risky barriers and enemies on the road. Jump over the barriers or attack or dodge over the enemies to protect the hero’s life. The most important thing is to carry out everything quickly (because this game limits the time) and cleverly (avoid the creatures’ attack). Just focus on the screen cautiously and be alert in using vital buttons. Hope you can complete with the best result! Good luck!

How to play

Movement: arrow keys.
Attack: spacebar.


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