Sonic Extreme Run

Sonic Extreme Run

Have ever felt excited with many previous trips of Sonic through The Hedgehog Sonic? Today, with no going around, you still have a chance to become his companion by entering Sonic Extreme Run. In fact, an important mission is just waiting for his performance in the Hedgehog world. Get ready to enjoy the most amusing moments during his long expedition trip Go now!

What you must do, as his friend, is to move Sonic ahead and support him in seizing all the gold rings along the road without falling down any deep gaps. Time is unlimited at present. However, if you’re too slow to steer him to the final destination, it’s hard to get any valuable bonuses. See huge crabs and other monsters stop Sonic from moving ahead. Please help him leap over to kill them!

Hope that you are lucky and clever during Sonic Extreme Run!

How to play

Run with the left and right arrow keys.
Leap with the spacebar key.


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