Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story

For those who’re Bob buffs, nothing is greater than jumping into Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story. All players will experience a new and impressive journey here. Come on!

In this latest chapter, Bob must reach a cave of a big dragon that owns many heads. Why? His buddies have just been kidnapped and trapped here! He’s really in need of your support. During the 30 challenging stages, you are asked to resolve problems, and then enter the exit doors ideally. Along the adventure, never miss a chance of using buttons, since they play a vital role in helping you complete each level efficiently. Avoid colliding with any obstacle and terrible monsters. In every stage, try to achieve enough 3 golden stars to get bonus points.

May he confront the dragon, and then bring his friends back home safely? Enter Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story to experience this puzzle game!

How to play

The left mouse will be used to control Bob.


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