Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

Hello, everyone! Have a nice day! Today, you’re invited to enjoy Snail Bob 2 – the next update of Snail Bob series that is also his namesake! It’s easy to recognize that he is now on the next adventure of going through a horrible forest to attend his grandfather’s birthday party. Try to make the trip smoother with your helpful hand. Go now!

Similar to the previous chapter, this new game asks its fans to solve all puzzles during the little snail’s journey with ease. In each region of the forest, please guide him towards the exit portal after dealing with valleys, gaps, traps, and obstacles successfully. Simply tap the buttons or tools to make the bridges or free way for him. Plus, please watch out for greedy monsters by using the given weapons to slaughter them all.

Bob is now waiting for your support in order that he may come to his grandpa’s birthday party without disturbance. Step into Snail Bob 2 to become his loyal companion!

How to play

The game is merely controlled by using the left mouse.


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