Sky Quest

Sky Quest

See! The boat of a hero is under danger because hordes of monsters with gruesome looks are coming from the sky. No matter how he tries to release attacks on such the creatures, everything seems to be hopeless. The main reason is that they are too strong and crowded. Nimbly engage in Sky Quest to offer him your assistance, dear guys!

It is easy to realize that the hostiles are moving in different directions. Hence, the must-do job is to cleverly guide the hero to fly and shoot bombs at these targets. Importantly, the opponents are very fast and smart whenever launching their weapons and breaking the boat. That’s why you should knock them out first before everything becomes too late. Besides, don’t forget to buy upgrades after the first success.

We hope you are all successful and cheerful with Sky Quest. Good luck!

How to play

The game is quite savored by using the left mouse.


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