Shonen Idle

Shonen Idle

The KuroWashi army and the evil monsters in Shonen Idle have conquered the world and they are oppressing all of your people. It is time to train and hone your skills so that you’re able to become the strongest fighter and prevent their evil actions. Come on!

This idle incremental game requires its players to role-play the plucky hero whose duty is to save the world from evil forces. How fast you knock out them to death jus relies on your characters’ statistics that might be nicely improved by spending “KI” earned from slaughtering opponents on all sorts of upgrades throughout the Training section. After defeating bosses and moving to different locations, players will then unlock new outfits for their protagonist, pets to help them out, as well as skills which may be activated for a temporary boost.

How fantastic Shonen Idle is! Try best to unlock tons of achievements and bonuses right now!

How to play

The left mouse is only held to play this game.


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