Secret Miner

Secret Miner

Secret Miner stands out as an enjoyable mining idle game. There is something strange which is happening under your mine. Provided with the pickaxe, you set out to explore what secret underground are. Let’s go!

The main goal is to break all minerals and fill the cart. Of course, drill automatically works. Each time you stoke for a drill, health will be reduced from a mineral stone. A portion of the cart is filled with mineral once a mineral stone reaches health zero. When you fill a cart, money will be added for all minerals you broke. Then, consider buying upgrades by a visit to the town. See the arrows at the bottom? It permits you to cycle through the depths that you’ve unlocked. There is one thing to keep in mind! Changing depths is able to discard what you collect in your cart!

Freely play as Secret Miner saves automatically! Hope that you will gain what you wish after the drill ends.

How to play

Control the game by using the left mouse.


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