Samurai Rebellion

Samurai-RebellionPlease try moving on to Samurai Rebellion and become a leader of a troop of samurais. Feel confident that you can take a victory in a large battle? No time for thinking and waiting! Come on and take action now! Players will direct the best samurais, including Ashigaru Bowmen and Ashigaru Spearmen to burn the opponent’s flag before they can attack conversely. In order to perform this action, the players need to take advantage of available samurais in each stage. Drag each towards their own flag in such a way that it can come to the battlefield and attack the opponents automatically. Remember to consult each unit’s ability carefully to decimate the opponents effectively. Try to complete each stage well to move forwards the next ones as well as unlocking new samurais. Let’s fight and wish you succeed!

How to play

Tap the left mouse to rule this game.


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