Running Fred Lite

Running Fred Lite

Eyebrows will be raised when you set foot on Running Fred Lite, deal all players! As its name suggests, the stunning game is listed as running genre, remember! Let’s go!

Please take control of a boy – namely Fred – who wants to escape from a cursed maze, because it’s also an ultimate task during the game. So as to keep him safe, don’t forget to watch out for sharp blades, deep holes, balls full of spikes, deadly traps, etc. He’ll die instantly if touching any of them. Do you see the death is chasing him? That’s why he needs to be quicker; otherwise, he’ll be in danger. Whether he can keep a safe distance or not; it’s based upon your skills, guys!

The main character in Running Fred Lite is waiting for your action. Enjoy! Play more run 3 unblocked at Unblocked Cool Games.

How to play

Use the left and right arrow keys to run.
Utilize the spacebar to jump.


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