Run Ninja Run 2

Run Ninja Run 2

Do nothing but set foot to Run Ninja Run 2 right away, dear guys! As the game is the last installment of the Run Ninja Run series, don’t miss a chance to enjoy it!

Throughout the game, players will be entrusted with a task of controlling a brilliant ninja, because he is being chased by a lot of masked men. It’s time to exhibit your running ability to keep a certain distance with the rivals and help him overcome all snags. Get confident enough to tackle all? Come on! When running on a sloping path, gamers must instruct the Ninja to slide under or jump over the barriers. At any time seeing the masked men, try to be quick & clever to attack them before they do. Avoid colliding with or hitting any obstacle; otherwise, his speed will decrease, and the foes may catch up him. Don’t mind gathering all scattered coins and wisely using them to boost the ninja’s fighting skill and running capacity.

Hurry to access Run Ninja Run 2 and show off your potentials! Have a great time!

How to play

Use the up/right keys to jump over/slide under.
Hit the spacebar to attack.


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