Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 tells about a special maze in the outer space, where any runner has somehow got lost here. The only way to escape from the place is to run ahead as far as possible until he may not run anymore. As his guide, you should give him your supportive hand! Let’s go!

The goal is to steer the main character to the right paths that may lead him to the final destination ideally. How? Please help him overcome all the gaps along the paths and rightly turn at three-way crossroads in a resounding way. In case the runner tumbles into any deep gaps, he hangs in the outer space and never comes back home anymore. It is equally important to realize that he is especially designed to move at the high speed, right? That’s why he runs so fast.

Skillfully and carefully observe everywhere to smooth his journey. Happy time with Run 3!

How to play

Leap over the gaps: The spacebar key.
Run: The arrow keys or ASDW keys.


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