Raze 3

Raze-3Attention! Tons of aggressive zombies, robots, and aliens approached the Earth! They are going to destroy the whole world as well as endanger human. What you need to do now? Be quick and jump into Raze 3 in order to defeat all of the invaders! There we come! In this game, players and other brilliant soldiers will form a team. Your group needs to follow instructions from the headquarters to know what to do. Firstly, learn how to move, fly, and use weapons. Then, move forwards/backwards and use an electric sword to destroy enemies’ rockets. Oh, are you self-confident with your shooting ability? Try to look for the hostiles and use a gun to shoot at them quickly and accurately. Remember to keep a certain distance with the rivals as they can counter-attack and your blood may decrease remarkably. Players should equip powerful weapons or necessary equipment to improve the soldier’s abilities. Good luck!

How to play

Move: WASD or arrow keys.
Jump: spacebar.
Shoot: the mouse.
Change weapons: Shift, Enter, or Q/E.


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