For those who fall in love with mine, click and craft, there is nothing greater than jumping into the playfield of PickCrafter – a wonderful mining clicker game! It brings you a chance to become a billionaire?

There are many fun activities for players to enjoy. First of all, they are required to tap or even swing to break blocks and gather picks. Such picks should be used to open chests full of treasure. Unlock collectibles as many as possible. To expand your world, it is a nice idea to discover many different biomes and see whether or not you can reach them all. Consider gathering rare and special pickaxes made out of candy, ruby, diamond, gold, and even cookie! Discover treasure and become the richest person in the world!

Believe that you will be included in the top of the leader boards? Prove it by having a good moment in PickCrafter.

How to play

Only the mouse is tapped to navigate the game.


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