Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Today, you’re led towards a cool puzzle game full of the adorable monkey images and challenging content; and its name is exactly Monkey Go Happy Dragon.

The target here is to make such the poor monkeys happy. However, this mission is not as easy as it sounds. During the whole game, challenges will be split into many stages from the easiest to most difficult. To finish each level excellently, please take time to solve the puzzles given by the game to make the monkey smile. At first, collect all of the scattered clues in the air, on the surface, or behind objects. Next, find out the best solutions by taking advantage of these clues rightly. Especially, the last stage is about summoning a dragon to the place where the monkey is standing on.

Be confident to reach this ultimate challenge in Monkey Go Happy Dragon? Here we are!

How to play

The prime game is just savored by using the left mouse.

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