Minecraft Chicken Miner’s

Minecraft Chicken Miner's

With a combination of Idle Clicker and Minecraft elements, Minecraft Chicken Miner’s promises to bring players memorable moments! Just click on Play button to enjoy its content right now!

Do you see a white chicken ahead? Armed with the pickaxe, he is entrusted with a task of mining blocks as many as possible. He wants to earn money for the winter season. Help him by continuously clicking the blocks one by one until their health is remarkably reduced. Once the health bar reaches zero, keep clicking on other blocks. Types of blocks are clearly seen via Ore (for instance, Dirt, Wooden, Grass Block, etc.). After an amount of money is added to the budget during the clicking process, consider upgrading the material of your pickaxe. For example, a wooden pickaxe may be upgraded to a stone one.

So, what do you think? Minecraft Chicken Miner’s is very attractive and great, right? Happy moment!

How to play

Control the game by only the left mouse.


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