The first chapter of MINE Reloaded, namely MINE, is now accessible on our website! If you are one of its hard-core fans, don’t let this terrific opportunity slip out of your hand, please!

Right after jumping into the playfield, every player is led to a large cave containing a lot of precious materials. It is their major job to MINE and assemble treasures as many as possible so that their income will increase day by day. Feel free to continuously click on the screen to collect a number of coins and gems. More surprisingly, you have the right to set up the “Automatic Mode” and the “Auto Equip” so as to let the game run spontaneously. When getting a certain amount of money, it’s time to consider upgrading more essential items and recruiting more employees!

Your mining skill will be carefully checked throughout MINE. Have much fun!

How to play

Only the left mouse is held to enjoy this game.


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