Mine Upgrade

Mine Upgrade

Looking for an Idle Game, which is more outstanding and interesting than others? Mine Upgrade is one of our favorable suggestions! The game’s content is only unveiled right after you engage in the playground!

There is a dark and scary cave underground where a number of valuable and sparkling treasures are deeply buried! And unearthing it is what the game wants every player to perform! It is possible to explore many different types of materials whenever stepping into the cave, ranging from coal, emerald, gold, to rock, platinum, ruby, etc. Merely use the mouse to tap these resources crazily with the aim of earning much money. At the end, spend fund on more robust and advanced upgrades. The harder you try to play, the more materials you might find. Don’t mind selling any useless mineral if possible.

How long the travel is! But it is worth a try, right? Happy playing within the charming interface of Mine Upgrade, guys!

How to play

Control everything in the game by using the mouse.


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