MINE reloaded

MINE reloaded

Get dying for the dream of becoming the richest person across the globe? Let MINE reloaded make your wish come true. Why did we say that? The final reason is only unveiled after a few clicks!

Wow, a huge cave full of valuable materials is what the game incredibly gifts you. The most vital goal, just like other Idle Games, is to mine and accumulate as many items as possible. You are a miner who is in charge of collecting essential resources for the process of building, remember! Simply release your continuous clicks everywhere on the main screen. At the end, much more money will be then added to the budget! Want the job to be spontaneously done! It is time to zero much in on the Automatic Mode. With a large amount of money, please make deals on robust upgrades to improve the mining speed as well as recruit a few workers who can help to boost the mining process!

MINE reloaded is truthfully a surprising spot to display your mining ability! Never let it slip out of your hands.

How to play

Mine items: Only the mouse.


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2 comments on “MINE reloaded
  1. I have only one complaint….. I can not scroll down, or see the rest of the hirelings I am suppose to be able to use. Could you fix this issue please? I really like this game =)

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