Mine Clicker

Mine Clicker

Savoring Mine Clicker is one of the impressive ways to relax and chill out after a long time of work hard! What make the game prominent and spectacular? Find the reason by traveling with us to the playground!

Hey, do you see a giant grass block on the center of the screen? Like other Idle Games, the main target is to launch continuous clicks on it to make your income full of money. The pickaxe is also given to help every joiner do their jobs smoothly! They get $1 per 1 click! Try best to achieve a remarkable amount of income. With no hazard in the fun game, you have permission to freely mine all precious treasures. Please consider recruiting a few miners who can support you in digging more minerals. Upgrading the pickaxe and the speed of mining is a good way to enhance the productivity.

Have an enjoyable moment with Mine Clicker! Much fun!

How to play

Use only the mouse to control Mine Clicker.


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