Mickey And Friends In Pillow Fight

Mickey And Friends In Pillow FightYou know a famous character in Disney – Mickey? At this time, please visit Mickey And Friends In Pillow Fight to savor nice things from a cool fight in the Big Stuff Hotel. Be ready to join in with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy? There we come! This game is a pillow fight of three cool characters. Let’s choose one or all to start, guys! One interesting thing is that players will have enough necessary items like pillows, paper fighters, umbrellas, water bombs, and so on. Begin to guide each character to fight! Keep in mind that the players just have 15 seconds for each time to choose, aim, and attack the opponents. Try to do quickly, cleverly, and accurately to defeat each opponent and then become the winner in this fight. In addition, whenever performing, don’t miss snatching some falling boxes to add more special items. There is no time for hesitating! Come and relish now!

How to play

The mouse is to control everything.


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