Learn To Fly Idle

Learn To Fly IdleWelcome to Learn To Fly Idle! A little penguin is waiting for all the players in North Pole. You have to go there right now to help him to protect his base. Be ready to enter the main screen? Can you see a giant snowman on the right? It’s penguin’s enemy! Use the big cannon to aim and shoot accurately towards that snowman. Keep hitting and observing its health on the top at the same time. Try to decrease it to conquer other opponents. Whenever players defeated any of them, they can earn a sum of money. Thanks the money, penguin will upgrade his cannon with some spectacular features (Launching Power, Base Damage, Max Shots, and Auto-Fire) to make it more effective and powerful. Moreover, remember to do Research and get Achievements to gain the best result. Wish you have a great time in Learn To Fly Idle!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.


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