Knightmare Tower

Knightmare TowerBe prompt to visit Knightmare Tower at this moment, all game-addicts! Why? The King in there needs your help. Don’t hesitate anymore! There we come!

His precious princesses have been kidnapped by a giant monster. He wants to look for a brave and brilliant knight. Will you be that person? Let’s portray him and take on the chief task – rescue all the princesses and destroy the monster. Have enough capacity to carry on the mission? If yes, take action now! First of all, be careful and cautious to sneak into the monster’s castle. Then, use the powerful cannon in order to throw the Knight up in the air. While flying, hurry up to grab and brandish his sword to kill all the approaching creatures. Don’t forget to jump on their head to continue moving higher. Defeat more enemies can help you obtain a big sum of money. Use it to purchase needed items for the Knight. Visit the Task List and accomplish several requirements to gain achievements.

Are you sure you can bring the princesses back safely? What are you waiting for? Go to Knightmare Tower and carry out the mission! Have fun!

How to play

Shoot: down arrow key.
Take action: mouse.


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