Idle Web Tycoon

Idle Web Tycoon

Are you good at Information Technology? Play Idle Web Tycoon to manage your own website and earn your living from that.

In the beginning, you will be provided with a website address. Choose a name for the website and start making money by attracting more views. The more you click on the website, the more views you get. Continuously, invest wisely in various businesses to maximize the site views. Do not forget to develop your bandwidth to welcome more traffic to the site. Moreover, you should allow more advertisements on the homepage to increase your benefit. Use the money to buy upgrades, such as Refreshing Tab, Friends PC, Dedicated Server, Server Farm, Super Computer, Quantum Chip, Quantum Rift, and so on.

Are you ready to become the richest guy of ever? Jump into Idle Web Tycoon now and show us your performance. Let’s go!


Use the mouse to play the game.

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