Idle Vikings RPG

Idle Vikings RPG

Idle Vikings RPG today provides a special twist to idle gaming, which even adds you – a brave hero to the game and then delivers an RPG narrative in even bite-size chunks! Here we are!

Today, every player is invited to the world of Midgard, where a lot of fierce Vikings, bizarre beasties, mighty gods, and a dose of axes are available! After landing on Idle Viking RPG, you should consider creating your hero of favorite, deciding what type of a ruler you are going to be, as well as getting ready to lead your whole Vikings to glory.
On the way, don’t forget to gather gazillions of resources, train the chosen hero, build and enhance the settlement, as well as be decisive when facing with any difficult dilemmas.

We hope that you are lucky and satisfied with Idle Vikings RPG! Try best!

How to play

Control the game by the cursor only.


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