Idle Tower

Idle TowerDo you want to change a new look for your own city? Have an access to Idle Tower and start building a couple of specific towers! Are you willing to do? There we come! First of all, please concentrate on the main screen. Look at a big board on the left side! There are 3 main parts, including Upgrades, Achievements, and Options. All what players should take care of is Upgrades with 4 important items as coins, wood, iron, and stone. Each will have different costs, and it depends on each level. Right now, the players just use the mouse and click on each item to enhance its quantity in the Inventory. Just tap on each item and everything will work automatically. Sound great, right? In addition, don’t miss taking care of Achievements and try to complete all of the small requests. Continue playing and try to increase the items’ level to get the best result! Have fun with this cool game, guys!

How to play

The mouse is the sole key to play this game.

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