Idle Sword

Idle Sword

Idle Sword is considered an action packed idle game where every participant is allowed to discover procedural dungeons, find new teammates, as well as deal with Mr. Big Stache! A lot of challenges are waiting for your terrific solutions ahead! Here we come!

Throughout the adventure clicker game, you should hurry to enter the dungeons and defeat the assortment of monsters that can come your way. Seek for helpers and boost your powers once beating up these rivals. Consider collecting special skills and items (i.e. rings) so that you can be highly supported, such as moving faster, picking up items quicker, etc. Drag and drop items from the Inventory onto the main protagonists to make them wear such the items. Whenever you have earned enough money, reach some of the other dungeons to see what you find.

Idle Sword is not an idle game although whatever its name could suggest. Have a nice time!

How to play

The mouse: Manage the whole game.

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