Idle Slime Miner

Idle Slime Miner

Believe us! Not all Idle Game are boring and uninteresting! Idle Slime Miner is one of the typical instances! Feel free to get the game activated to check our statement! You’ll never regret once!

See a green cute critter at the screen? Wonder what he is doing? He tries best to earn money by mining rock and other minerals. The truth is that his old house needs to rebuild soon! Lending him a hand is your ultimate mission in the game. How? Instantly equip the creature with a pickaxe and then guide him to automatically tap the rock non-stop. Right now, nothing is easier than only watching the mining process, right? Ah, buying essential upgrades is the best way to hone his mining ability and speed. With the mined rocks, it is possible to exchange much money and diamonds in return. Destroy the given materials as nimbly as possible to get the high value of money!

Play Idle Slime Miner to become a rich person right now!

How to play

The in-game tasks are fulfilled by using the mouse.


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