Idle Recruit

Idle Recruit

If you have no interest in action games anymore, why don’t you try Idle Recruit – a unique idle-click game from Minecraft? This Minecraft game surely brings you enjoyable moments, so let’s play it now!

In here, the players’ chief task is to use the available money to recruit as many employees as possible to assist them in mining and collecting valuable things. Sounds easy to play huh? When the workers work, the fund will rise up automatically. That’s extremely cool, right? You’re given hints to know more about the miners, so don’t miss taking advantage the advice to hire more employees. Besides, there are lots of upgrades that will be unlocked in upcoming levels. The player should attain certain achievements to own them. Don’t forget to purchase them to boost the mining power and speed.

What do you think about Idle Recruit ? Be quick to experience the game instantly!

How to play

Activate the mouse to enjoy this idle-click game.


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