Idle Raiders

Idle Raiders

Idle game often does not get much attention from Minecraft buffs because of its easy-to-play content. But you will surely change your thought right after relishing Idle Raiders. The game turns to be a perfect choice for those who like honing their clicking skill! Come on!

Taking control over your own band of dungeon-raiding heroes as well as helping them to win a resounding victory in the most difficult raiding dungeons are the 2 important missions to consider. Get “View Farm Map” button activated to engage in the combat against hostiles now! Please try best to totally knock out them while hiring more fighters for supportive assistance. To view the characters’ skills, equipment, and the Inventory, please lead your eyes towards the left side of the screen.

If you’re now ready to take up the upcoming challenge in Idle Raiders, nimbly enter the playfield with confidence!

How to play

Clicking the mouse is a must to control the game.


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