Idle Mining Co

Idle Mining CoLuckily, you found a large mine full of gold. However, you’re just alone, and you could not afford all of the tasks. Right now, try to move on to Idle Mining Co. to ask for other supports, guys. Are you ready? There we come! First of all, players should purchase a miner so that he can mine the gold automatically. Take a look at some vital buttons at the top of the screen. Just drag the mouse towards it and then hit on it. It’s quite easy, isn’t it? Let the miner work and take a large amount of gold from the mine. Additionally, don’t miss supplementing other effective items such as Pickaxe, Minecart, and Mineshaft. Consult its function carefully and purchase some in order to accomplish the main task effectively. Moreover, try to buy more other mines to enjoy terrific things. No time to wait! Let’s play!

How to play

Use the mouse only.


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