Idle Mine Ex 2

Idle Mine Ex 2Click to become rich? Do you think so? Be swift to enter Idle Mine Ex 2 and experience terrific moments that you’ve never enjoyed anywhere! Are you fully-prepared? Here we go!

Players will have a cool chance to visit an awesome land full of valuable minerals. Of course, they have full powers to mine all and sell all. How such an ideal thought! Let’s take a pickaxe and tap on each mineral to mine! Thanks to the number of DMG and DPS, the players can increase their damage on the minerals so that they can attain more money in the soonest time. Additionally, don’t forget to use the earned money to hire more miners to assist, blacksmith to upgrade the pickaxe, and do other terrific things.

So, if you want to take possession of a large number of minerals in Idle Mine Ex 2 , be patient and keep working to acquire wonderful results! Wish you succeed!

How to play

Click on the left mouse to manage everything.


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