Idle King

Idle King

Welcome to Idle King – one of awesome idle clicker games to play! It is time to build your own spectacular empire! Don’t get worried! The in-depth instructions are also presented below! Just read carefully and follow orderly! Here we are!

At the beginning of the game, the must-do mission is to mine gold as much as possible! What for? They become a needful resource to establish your empire where there are a lot of houses, barracks, farms, etc. Remember to launch fierce attacks on hordes of enemies whose aim is to devastate your own world by hook or by crook! Keep in mind one special point, please! During the night, all the empire sleeps. That’s why you’re unable to send assaults or even earn gold per second at that time. Just wait and think about any tactical strategy, remember!

The addicting content of Idle King is trusted to blow your socks off. What are you waiting for? Land on the playfield instantly!

How to play

The game is quite played by using the left mouse.


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