Idle Farmer

Idle FarmerDo you think that gardening is a hard and tough task? If you want to know how to do and work with your garden clearly, let’s jump into Idle Farmer and take over its vital task. Now, be swift to jump into the main screen and start right away! This game requests players to control 2 farmers to work on their own farm. Firstly, consult instruction to know what to do. Then use the mouse and direct both of the farmers to move towards each available spot and plant potato. Certainly, all will controlled by the left mouse i.e. turn over the soil, seed, water, harvest, etc. Keep in mind to complete all of the boxes in the farm and then bring all to the market for selling. Do quickly and carefully in order to earn more money and use it to improve the farmer’s skill or buy more seeds. In addition, don’t forget to develop an EXP bar to enter other levels. Give your helpful hand and support them well!

How to play

Tap the left mouse to play this game.

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