Idle Dialectics

Idle DialecticsI bet that Idle Dialectics will totally please you because it’s like a good mine to collect precious points. Idle Dialectics is originally an Idle game, so the crucial rule to play it is quite easy. The only challenge players may meet here is about time. They need to be patient to constantly tap on offered characters and items until their health bars are out, and the budget is full of points. Here is the most essential task when taking part in the game. The next step is about upgrades. As an Idle game, upgrading is an integral part; the players are asked to open the upgrading Menu and make deals on the possible power-ups to enhance the power of clicks whereby they get more points. Take a look at the Auto button at the right side! Activate it to show the clicks automatically. Everything is funny! Enjoy it now!

How to play

Idle Dialectics is managed by using the left mouse.


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