Idle Click Him 2

Idle: Click Him 2Welcome players to Idle Click Him 2 – a new type of Idle Game! Perhaps, you will easily get bored with traditional Idle games which are almost with regard with hitting suggested items, automatically collecting points, and purchasing upgrades. However, Idle Click Him 2 is surely a miraculous surprise for you, so if missing it, you will really regret. Take time to try it right now! As for its gameplay, it firstly requires players to hit the fighting vehicles moving to the home base until they are entirely destroyed. Money is collected from this destruction. In order to increase the budget and improve the speed of fighting, let’s make deals on probable power-ups. As seeing, a team of 3 shooting machines will support the players in various attacks. Don’t forget to upgrade them! Good luck!

How to play

Idle Click Him 2 is played by using the left mouse.

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