Humungousaur Giant Force

Humungousaur Giant ForceHumungousaur Giant Force is a battle between Ben 10 and a force of aggressive aliens. They’re haunting an evil aim; that is, destroy the Earth. So, all guys, you should be quick to land on here and assist Ben 10 to stop them now! Be prepared carefully? Here we go! One special thing is that Ben 10 might change his body into a giant monster. Let’s do it firstly before facing up to the aliens. Tap the arrow keys on the keyboard to guide the monster to move forwards. Then use its legs, arms, and tail to attack and defeat the aliens. Keep in mind to implement all promptly, cleverly, and cautiously before the aliens can counter-attack and make his health decrease. Besides, whenever assailing, don’t miss using available items as jeeps, rocks, etc. to beat more aliens. Keep coming forwards and hope you can arrive at their base successfully. Good luck!

How to play

Tap left & right arrow keys to walk around.
Tap down arrow key to block.
Tap the mouse to attack.


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