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Pedal Kit

The "Psycho Box" Distortion/Overdrive Guitar Pedal Parts Kit - No Soldering!


DIY Overdrive Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal All Kit Electric Effects Suite OD2 Pedal


Distortion DIY Guitar Pedal Kit- DS-N01 with Pre-drilled 1590B Size Box


DIY Overdrive Guitar Pedal Kit with1590B Box and ICTL082CP OD1Pedal Kit RD9


DIY Overdrive Pedal All Kit With 1590BB Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Box free ship


DIY Overdrive(OD1) Effect Pedal Kit With Hammond 1590B Style Aluminum Box


Overdrive PCB DIY Guitar Pedal Kit and 3PDT 9 PIN Foot Switch and More OD1


Lava Cable Pedal Board Kit 10 ft BLACK Tightrope Solder-Free Cable + 10 V2 Plugs


Fuzz pedal Animal Effect Pussy Fuzz DIY kit


DIY Guitar Effects Pedal Kit - Classic Fuzz Distortion - Detailed Instructions


DIY Tremolo Guitar Pedal Kit With Pre-drilled 1590B Aluminum Box Free Shipping


Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, The Persuader Deluxe, Overdrive


StewMac JHS All-American Distortion Pedal Kit


StewMac JHS Old School Fuzz Pedal Kit


DIY Guitar Effects Pedal Kit - JFET Pre-amp w/ Gain Mod - Detailed Instructions


StewMac JHS 808 Overdrive Pedal Kit


Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, The Persuader, Tube Drive


Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, The Thunderdrive Deluxe LTD, Overdrive


StewMac JHS Bomb Boost Pedal Kit


StewMac EarthQuaker Devices Monarch Pedal Kit




Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, The Wahtz, Wah


Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, The Aggressor, Distortion


Vintage Fuzz DIY Guitar Pedal kit With Germanium AC128 And Pre-drilled1590B Box


Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, The Contortionist II, Fuzz


StewMac JHS Low Drive Bass Overdrive Pedal Kit


DIY Overdrive Golden Boost Guitar Effects Pedal Full Kits Free Shipping


Solderless Guitar Pedal Patch Cable Kit 6 Pack For Custom Pedalboard


Effects Pedal Kit - MOD Kits, Erratic Clutch Deluxe, Fuzz/Divider


BITMO MONSTROSITY Mod Kit for Behringer VT999 Pedal


StewMac EarthQuaker Devices White Light Pedal Kit