Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft LabyrinthGuy, Gemcraft Labyrinth needs your talents right now. In the game, many knights are trying to protect their precious gems from the invasion of dangerous monsters like bugs, spiders, and zombies. It is time to avail sagacious tactics to start your battle now.

Look! Enemies are moving towards the gems from 4 sides of the wavy path. What would you do to stop them reaching their target, guys? Think of your plan and beat them off before they steal your gems. At first, players need to build towers and buildings along the path, and then they automatically shoot creatures. If they come too crowded, the players can click on spell buttons to destroy them. Surprisingly, you are able to drag your gems to a safe place to protect them from the enemies. Why don’t you come and enjoy the game now?

Have fun with Gemcraft Labyrinth , guys!

How to play

The mouse is to play the game.


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